Royal Academy of Art, London
Summer Exhibition 2012

Saraben-studio featured in the Architects Journal for their work in the Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition 2012.

"Solar Topography, The Farnese Gardens, Rome by Ben Crowd, Thomas Hopkins and Sara Shafiel, an exquisite model of the ancient capital’s downtown, laser-cut into an open book of blank pages with details on the contoured landscape of Palatine Hill picked out with exquisite mathematical precision. It is really quite something. Oooh, indeed.

Earlier, discussing the criteria, we cite communication and craft – and beauty – as our guide to picking winners from the hundreds of exhibits, hung this year by architects Chris Wilkinson and Eva Jiricna. If we were judges in 1830, Joseph Gandy’s cutaway perspective drawing of the Bank of England as a ruin, exhibited by John Soane, would have been the clear winner, I say, half-joking, over coffee before we begin. ‘That’s the standard we should be looking for!’ Yet, while The Farnese Gardensis not quite in the same league, it is far and away this year’s very best in show. And it does have some of the strangeness of Gandy’s vision, the same ‘intricacy and richness’, making it ‘a poetic gesture of … timelessness and monumentality’, as the Soane Museum’s catalogue puts it."
Royal Academy of Art, London
Summer Exhibition 2012

Saraben-studio featured in the Architects Journal for their work in the Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition 2012.

"RA Judges fall for 'model in a book... An ‘exquisite’ laser-cut model has won the £10,000 Architecture Prize at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, sponsored by Lend Lease and supported by the Architect Journal."

Passages through Hinterland
Edited by Sara Shafiei and Ruairi Glynn

Digital Architecture: Passages Through Hinterlands is a collection of provocative projects from a young generation of digitally enabled designers. This publication oscillates between the analog and the digital, from concept to realisation, mapping processes as it explores the diverse digital paths that lead innovative spaces, poetic narratives and social interactions.

The book covers a spectrum of London’s leading graduates and young practices, featuring projects from the Architectural Association, Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL), University of Westminster and Royal College of Art, and case studies and interviews with architects including Amanda Levete Architects, Plasma Studio, JDS Architects, sixteen* (makers), Horhizon, marcosandmarjan, Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Philip Beesley, David Greene, Samantha Hardingham, Usman Haque and Neil Spiller.

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Museum of Art and Design, New York
Edited by David McFadden
Accompanying the exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Saraben>studio are published in the book SLASH, highlighting the work of 45 artists exhibiting in the the travelling exhibition exploring the role of paper in contemporary art.

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'Sara Shafiei shows off Madrid Shop'
Edited by Richard Waite

saraben>studio's competition win to design the new Flagship store for Raasta Fashion in Madrid was published in the Architects Journal Magazine.
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Portfolio Skills: Architectural Drawing
Author: David Dernie

This book contains many drawings and models by Sara Shafiei and Ben Cowd to explain the importance and varying role of drawing and communication in contemporary architecture and architectural education.
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Speculating with Architecture
Edited by Iain Borden

Bartlett Design includes projects by Sara Shafiei and Ben Cowd.

Bartlett Designs: Speculating with Architecture communicates a new message about the importance of inventive and well-designed architecture and its relevance to the wider public. Highly visual, this unique resource features full-color images showcasing the newest generation of designers. Visually stunning, the text is richly illustrated with drawings and both computer-aided and hand-crafted models.

Features the work of Sara Shafiei
Edited by Bob Sheil

With contributions from Lebbeus Woods, Evan Douglis, Theo Jansen, Shin Egashira and many more, Protoarchitecture presents an explicitly diverse collection of works from leading and emerging practitioners, educators, researchers and visionaries from all corners of this innovative field
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The New Virtuosity in Contemporary Architecture
Features the work of Ben Cowd
Edited by Marjan Colletti

Press Release: Conjure up the extravagance of furniture design, the abundance of cgi in Hollywood, the profuseness of bio-techno ornamentation or the lavishness of Middle-Eastern and Asian super-urbanism. Exuberance not only celebrates new Baroque theatricality, formal sophistication and digital virtuosity; it also debates a plethora of joyful and intelligent ways in which experimental architecture manages to cope with the contemporary turmoil in global politics, economics and ecology.
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Features the work of Sara Shafiei
Edited by Nic Clear

In this highly pertinent issue, guest–editor Nic Clear questions received notions of the future. Are the norms of economic growth the only way society can develop? Does the current economic crisis call into question a future of unlimited growth and/or enable different choices? Drawing on such fields as synthetic space, psychoanalysis, postmordern geography, post–economics, cybernetics, and neurology, as well as interviews with novelist William Gibson, Archigram architect David Greene, and musician Brian Eno, Architectures of the Near Future offers practicing architects, students, and others a series of alternative voices.

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